Wilco + Edward Scissorhands

November 16, 2009

Yesterday I was watching Edward Scissorhands for the first time (I know!!) with my roommate. I loved it except for I was mad that Kim didn’t go back everyday to visit Edward like I would have. But oh well. I really loved the dinosaur he cut out of one of the trees so that gave me the idea for a shirt!



Listen to St. Vincent.

November 16, 2009

I just recently saw St. Vincent and Andrew Bird again after seeing them at Bonnaroo over the summer. They are all absolutely phenomenal musicians. Here is a shirt design I made:
St. Vincent

Hello Everyone!

November 13, 2009

I finished work earlier than expected today so I decided to make a shirt for one of my favorite bands:

Motion City Tee

Also I finished up a package design project. I created a beer based on Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp was named after a mythological giant named Antigoon who charge tolls to cross the river Scheldt. If you didn’t pay, he would cut off your hands and throw them into the river. Finally he was defeated by a young hero soldier named Brabo, who cut off the giant’s hands and threw them into the river. In the 17th Century, 50% of Antwerp’s population was involved in making Antwerp Lace. So for the labels of Brabo’s Beer, I created large hands making a lace formation and for Antigoon’s Ale, small hands form lace. This project was a ton of fun I hope you enjoy!

final pack 4

pack 5

Pack 11 Final

Andrew Bird

October 25, 2009

Tonight I am going to see the fabulous St. Vincent and Andrew Bird at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. They are two of my most favorite artists, I can’t wait! Tomorrow I will be picking up a role of film from being developed and dropping off 5, so stay tuned for some good stuff. Here’s a scooby snack to hold you until then. This is a photo I captured of a friend last year with 35mm.


Portraits of an Artist

October 23, 2009

Enjoy ❤

Design Matters

October 11, 2009

Because everyone loves noise-canceling headphones!!

Design Matters

to see the actual version (without the colors being messed up) click below:

Design Matters

More Holga

September 8, 2009

Just developed more shots from my Holga, they are drying right now, but until then enjoy this shot from the other day I forgot to post!

tire swing

PS- This is a favorite song from Crosby, Stills and Nash. Check out their performance of it from Woodstock.

A little bit of FDR

September 4, 2009

I made a new friend at school who is a transfer this year. He told me he loves to skate and does not know much about Philadelphia, so naturally I leaped at the chance to show him FDR. It was a gorgeous day and I got some great shots. ❤


August 31, 2009

My friend Emily and I went on adventures in the city today to get some pictures for our design assignment, and after ventured off and took photos of our own. Here are some shots I took of Emily and the city today.

Hello! This past weekend was a great one. I went to an Airplane pool party hosted by R5 Productions of Philly, went swimming with great friends, met new friends, and saw/danced to amazing music from Dan Deacon, No Age, Deerhunter, White Rainbow, Ed Schrader, and Infinite Body. Needless to say, they were all incredible and it was the most fun I’ve had in my life. But my weekend didn’t end there. Sunday I went to All Points West Festival to rep Oxfam, if you haven’t already heard about Day 3 of All Points West, headlines changed the name to “All Points Wet” me and many others went home to take an hour long shower to wash 5 layers of mud off our legs (and more for those who braved the mud and dove in!). It was also a lot of fun, I saw and heard some great bands including Silversun Pickups, Lykke Li, the Black Keys, Elbow, La Roux, Coldplay, MGMT and more. I had the best weekend and I have pictures to prove it for you all to enjoy! However, I am going to let you soak up these ones first before I post the APW pictures so check back for more!