Listen to St. Vincent.

November 16, 2009

I just recently saw St. Vincent and Andrew Bird again after seeing them at Bonnaroo over the summer. They are all absolutely phenomenal musicians. Here is a shirt design I made:
St. Vincent


Hello Everyone!

November 13, 2009

I finished work earlier than expected today so I decided to make a shirt for one of my favorite bands:

Motion City Tee

Also I finished up a package design project. I created a beer based on Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp was named after a mythological giant named Antigoon who charge tolls to cross the river Scheldt. If you didn’t pay, he would cut off your hands and throw them into the river. Finally he was defeated by a young hero soldier named Brabo, who cut off the giant’s hands and threw them into the river. In the 17th Century, 50% of Antwerp’s population was involved in making Antwerp Lace. So for the labels of Brabo’s Beer, I created large hands making a lace formation and for Antigoon’s Ale, small hands form lace. This project was a ton of fun I hope you enjoy!

final pack 4

pack 5

Pack 11 Final

Summer time designs

July 23, 2009

Hello! This summer I am working in the Career Services Department of my school, Philadelphia University. I’ve been working on rebranding the department as well as making new newsletters and updating the old. Here is a design I made for our Spring Event Overview for students.

Spring event overview for site