Road Trips+Mobile Uploads

April 30, 2009

My best friends from home and I made a pact when we were 18, that this year right after school ends we are road tripping to TN, specifically Nashville to celebrate my 21st birthday (which was April 4th). Since then we redefined our trip plans to include Bonnaroo, an incredible music festival. I am so excited because the trip is definitely happening this summer. First we are going to Nashville, one of my favorite cities for its incredible music culture (all different kinds of music, not just country!!) and then we are going to Bonnaroo for free because my friends are volunteering with Bonnaroo and I am volunteering with Oxfam, my favorite non-profit!! YAY! I took this picture with my phone at Space 10.26 and it reminded me this upcoming trip.Roadtrippin

On a more random note, Philadelphians are not just artistic, they also have a great sense of humor, here is another mobile-shot of what I saw while walking to my internship the other day:
Leaning tower of Philly

Last Thursday, I went to see one of my favorite bands ever:
Third Eye Blind
. However, this is one of only two shots I took with my phone because I was too busy dancing and singing all the words in the middle of the crowd, it is poor quality but here is Stephen Jenkins in all his glory:3eb
They were incredible live, as usual.

I have many more mobile uploads but that is all for now!


Algernon Cadwallader

April 28, 2009

Sunday night I went to Space 10.26 on Arch Street in Philadelphia. It is an incredible gallery and had a show there of one of my favorite local bands Algernon Cadwallader.

Check out Space 10.26

and Algernon:

Here are some shots from the show, look for more on my flickr (link under photography and about):


April 25, 2009


The Ting Tings, check them out if you haven't already!

The Ting Tings, check them out if you haven't already!

My favorite Pandora stations have to be:
1. Tears for Fears {when you hear this station, every song that comes on you’ll say, I love this song!!!}
2. Does it offend you, yeah? {Perfect if you are in a dancing mood, or need to try to stay awake to get work done!}
3. The Bee Gees {I love the bee gees, I don’t care what anyone says disco is FUN}
4. M.Ward {this is good if you need to relax!}
5. King of Leon {so good}